The main activity of the Association of Tourist Guides of Macedonia is the coordination and management of professional staff, guides and companions in accordance with the Law on Tourism. The association has a plan for coordination and cooperation with a number of institutions and organizations in order to raise the quality of the tourist guide service in Macedonia.

The mission of the Association is to raise awareness about the promotion of the cultural heritage of the Republic of Macedonia, both domestic and foreign, through human resources development.

The occupational guides in the Republic of Macedonia have been in place since 1978. This profession arises from the need of the travel agencies to present to their clients – passengers the characteristic features of the countries and cities that are visited abroad, but much more to the foreign guests who visit our country as tourists, but also as guests of the Government institutions ,The Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia, visitors to various business, sports, cultural and other events.

Tourist guides are representative of the state and prism through which foreign guests build the impression of our country. The quality of their presentation depends on whether foreign visitors will go to their countries not only with beautiful pictures in the cameras, pleasant impressions of our cuisine and the hospitality of the citizens of our country, but even more so with a quality realistic notion of history, geography, social ordering and the cultural heritage of our country. From there, the profession of tourist guides is imposed as a profession of special interest to the state.

Consequently, these tourist guides should have a quality and vocationally focused education. At the moment for the pursuit of the tourist guide profession, a certificate for passing exams according to the exam program at one of the three Faculties of Tourism, The Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Ohrid, The University of Tourism and Management Skopje and The University of Goce Delchev is required.

The Association of Turist Guides of Macedonia, recognizing the need for further improvement of the guides, has developed a Program for practical training of guides who already have certificate and a legitimation for a tourist guide.